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On Creation

Creation requires walking out on a path not yet discovered, knowing you will never come back, not as you are.

Creation requires pushing and pulling at unseen forces that are beyond your understanding, grappling with the very things that give life meaning.

When you come back from your journey, you are different. You see the world in a new way. That is the gift, that is the creation. You, yourself, have been transformed.

When you set out to create something new, you give yourself. There is no other way. The world molds you, thashes you about, and you do your best to enjoy the ride along the way. You might try creating something out of the chaos, but in the end, it’s the world that creates through you, by molding you, getting inside of you and changing you.

It’s only by giving up control completely and watching your hands get to work that you can really know what it feels like to create.